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The Confluence of HazCom and Product Stewardship Communication Across the Value Chain

Course Description:
The practice of HazCom is essentially the assessment, classification, and communication of the hazards of materials while that of product stewardship is the management of the impacts of materials on humans and the environment. Historically, both have supported a company's license to operate by ensuring that practices and products were compliant with applicable regulations and industry standards. However, the trend today within leading companies is for HazCom and product stewardship functions to be seen as business partners that play critical roles in getting new products to market, keeping products on the market, and differentiating products in the market. In order to accomplish this, HazCom and product stewardship practitioners must be willing to go beyond compliance.

This webinar explores the confluence of HazCom and product stewardship and build the business case for aligning if not integrating these functions. While HazCom and product stewardship functions have evolved along separate paths, successful practitioners from each share many of the same educational, training, and experiential building blocks, and many of the core competencies that define the practices are similar. Furthermore, in this age of streamlined business processes and the pressures to control staffing levels, alignment and integration are key. In addition this webinar explores a case study on the role of HazCom and product stewardship in the exchange of hazard, risk, and regulatory information across the value chain - a critical function for keeping a product on the market.

Presented in partnership with the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication

Contact Hours:
1 Hour

Presentation Date:

Robert Skoglund, Ph.D., DABT, CIH, Director of Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Covestro
Angela Wutz, Assistant General Manager for Regulatory Services, Pace Analytical