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Product Stewardship in the Era of Hazard-Based Ingredient Listings: Responses for the New Reality

Course Description:
Today's regulatory and consumer perception landscape demands product stewardship attention on hazard-based listings of chemicals used to manufacture products. The goal of more accessible information on product safety has fueled a drive toward simplification with ingredients being prioritized initially based on hazard characteristics alone, leaving exposure potential and a complete risk analysis for subsequent consideration. States have incorporated hazard-based chemical lists into product safety regulations and a number of countries appear to be following the EU REACH model, which imposes substantial burdens upon product stewards seeking to have factors other than chemical hazard addressed. This session will examine product regulatory programs that have released lists of chemicals for disclosure or substitution, and responses from reformulation to risk-based demonstrations when you find your key ingredient has "made the list."

Contact Hours:
1.0 Hours

Presentation Date:

Robert DeMott, PhD, DABT, Principal Toxicologist, ENVIRON International
Robert Skoglund, PhD, CIH, DABT, Senior Laboratory Manager, 3M Company
Linda Dell, MS, Senior Epidemiologist, ENVIRON International