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Preparing for 2018: Unraveling the Myths of Joint Registrations

Course Description:
The last REACH phase-in registration deadline is fast approaching and along with it, a tremendous number of registrations. Though there has been much discussion of the challenges facing the 2018 lead registrants, there is a general misconception that joint registrations will be simple. This session will unravel the myths around joint registrations by sharing lessons learned from working on a broad array of substances and sectors and will focus on what issues were encountered in substance identity, in the technical dossier, the Letter of Assess, and what steps were taken to resolve them. The importance of ECHA's targeted compliance efforts and their impact on future proofing your registration will also be reviewed.

Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Beth Bidstrup, CIH, Director, H2 Compliance Inc.