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Value Chain Outreach: How to Balance Transparency, Relevancy of Information and Innovation?

Course Description:
The push for ingredient disclosure has resulted in challenges, questions, and concerns impacting the value chain. What information is needed to manage health and environmental considerations? How can we balance consumer interest in ingredients while protecting innovation? What information is needed to make choices? How might it be delivered? Continued improvement depends on an understanding of how decisions are made. Tools exist to assist with the evaluation of products. But how can people better understand how these tools work, what are the assumptions they make, and how do they treat data? How can it be known whether they are sophisticated, effective, and complete? How can science of methodologies be advanced? During this session examples of communication and partnership case studies that improve the understanding of scientific evaluation and the importance of chemistry with the value chain will be shared.

Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Julie Panko, CIH, Principal Health Scientist, Cardno ChemRisk
John Harris, Global Product Stewardship Coordinator, Eli Lilly
Evelyn Majoris, Product Safety Representative, Bayer
Kevin Mulvaney, Senior Director, Value Chain Outreach, American Chemistry Council
Steve Potlock, Regulatory Affairs, Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical Company