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Restrictions: Another R in REACH (PSX 2020 On Demand)

Course Description:
Most companies doing business in the EU know that the 'R' in REACH, the acronym for the EU's regulation on chemicals, stands for registration, while the 'E' is for evaluation, and the 'A' is for authorization. But the regulation's full title "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals" in fact includes a second 'R' as well. Like authorization, restriction aims to assure that risks from substances of very high concern (SVHCs) are properly controlled, but restriction operates through the option of limiting or banning the manufacture, selling, or use of a substance, mixture, or article.

This session will follow through the life of a restriction, focusing on NMP's mandatory Derived No Effect Level (DNEL). The presentation will also explore future restriction proposals of potential broader interest, including those on microplastics. Finally, the talk will address the importance of developing a systematic approach to monitoring substances of concern in the EU in order to prevent encountering a restriction with potential impacts to business continuity and supply chain.

Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Beth Bidstrup, CIH, Director, H2 Compliance