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Regulations Impacts in the Clients' Business in Brazil

Course Description:
Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and a gateway for business in its neighboring countries. Considered one of the most challenging places to do business in the world, operating a business in Brazil is not simple because of the number of associated agencies, entities, and regulations which exercise regulatory or supervisory authority over many endeavors and sectors in Brazil. The legislation in Brazil, and consequently in Latin America, has evolved rapidly, so it is important that all sectors keep up to date with such changes and are prepared for the necessary adjustments in order to meet these regulations, such as the need to review internal processes and documents to ensure compliance, among others. This case study aims to analyse a specific sector and how the new regulations have been affecting the sector's activities in Brazil.

The case study will be developed to answer some of the client's most common questions regarding new regulations, such as:

  • What are the challenges to comply with all requirements?
  • How is the company dealing with this new updates?
  • What is the expectation about new regulations?
  • How does it affect the client business?

Contact Hours:
0.5 Contact Hours

Presentation Date:

Marlia Freitas, Environmental Consultant, ERM