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Product Stewardship Continuous Improvement and Corrective Action

Course Description:
Organizations that adopt continuous improvement processes can realize immeasurable benefits, including increased productivity, improved quality, and lower costs, which can lead to more engaged employees and lower employee turnover as well as more competitive products and services.

This webinar provides a basic understanding of how continuous improvement intersects with the product stewardship function. Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act process model, information on performing an assessment, assessing findings, determining the root cause of those findings, generating corrective actions, and finally, establishing key performance indicators to measure success will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the concept of continuous improvement and importance to product stewardship
  • Analyze the process for continuous improvement to product stewardship
  • Know how to implement continuous improvement:
    • Understanding the process management cycle
    • Conducting a self-assessment/audit
    • Addressing gaps in compliance/process management
    • Identifying and prioritizing actions
    • Measuring success
Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Maryann Sanders, Product Stewardship Technical Director, ERM
Gavin Thompson, PhD, Principal Consultant, Product Safety & Stewardship, Ramboll