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EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability: A Fundamental Change for Industry? (Sponsored by Yordas Group)

Course Description:
The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability is an important developing policy plan to watch in Europe as it will significantly impact chemicals legislative landscape in the coming years. The objective of the Chemicals Strategy is to promote the transition to chemicals that are safe and sustainable by design. One of the ultimate aims is to boost innovation for safe and sustainable chemicals. Under the strategy, several policy tools will be developed that will be critical for industries around the globe, including in North America. EU REACH and CLP regulations will be central policy instruments to put the strategy into action. Many chemicals of concern will be banned, further restricted, or phased out.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key components of the Strategy
  • Recognize the upcoming policy changes that may impact businesses
  • Prepare for the upcoming regulatory changes
Contact Hours:
1 Hour

Presentation Date:

Giselle Vincett, PhD, North American Operations Lead, Yordas Group
Elizabeth Luther, Sustainability and Knowledge Transfer Lead, Yordas Group

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