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The Critical Role of Product Stewardship in Business Continuity

Course Description:
Ready to work in the “new normal” as we transition out of the pandemic?

Join our panel of experts for a unique webinar on how your role as a product steward can make an impact. You’ll learn strategies you can use to support your organization during business disruptions.

This webinar includes a facilitated panel discussion with real-world examples provided of product stewardship management in the aftermath of disruptive events like the pandemic. Specific examples will be shared to illustrate how product stewards can help organizations successfully transition from incident management to recovery and resume operations in a “new normal.”

While focused on the pandemic, the key takeaways from this webinar are applicable to other emergency situations that impact business continuity.

Learning Objectives

  • Highlight your role as a product steward in transitioning from business interruption to the “new normal.”
  • Describe the importance of the product steward in helping to ensure business continuity after a disruptive event.
  • Use of an operational checklist with key highlights for the practicing product steward.
Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Robert P. DeMott, Ph.D., DABT, Managing Principal, Ramboll
Andre LaMere, Deputy General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Risk & Safety, UNFI
Carmen Reznik, Ph.D., General Manager Product Stewardship, Shell
Lesa Rice-Jackson, CPPS, Ph.D., Managing Principal Consultant, Rice Jackson Health Safety and Regulatory Consulting Services LLC (RJHSRC)

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