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Communicating Science to Non-Scientists: Lessons Learned from a Health Risk Communicator (PSX 2021 On Demand)

Course Description:
Product stewardship synthesizes complex information and data from regulatory compliance, human and environmental safety, and sustainability. Therefore, effective communication of scientific information to members of the non-scientific public is one of a successful product steward's most critical skills.

This presentation will describe three general rules for effective science communication: adapt your discussion to the public's understanding, develop a succinct message, and repeat that message. The presentation will offer suggestions on how to adjust your product stewardship message and take responsibility for the communication's success, covering issues such as: translating complex scientific concepts and findings into intuitive, understandable explanations for lay audiences and the media; coordinating and implementing public outreach efforts; facilitating meaningful dialogue related to human public health risk; developing and using communication tools, such as influence diagrams, to structure discussions concerning exposure to Proposition 65 listed chemicals; translating health risk information into the language of potential liability for corporate decision-making and shareholder communications.

Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Amy Goldberg Day, Arcadis
Tina Armstrong, Arcadis U.S., Inc.