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Different Requirements, Similar Data (PSX 2022 On Demand)

Course Description:
Regulations worldwide continue to demand more complex data, but that doesn't necessarily mean different data is needed to meet these demands. Understanding the similarities between regulatory requirements can help streamline compliance. Any time there is data involved, there are three questions you need to ask yourself:.

  1. What data do I need to comply with different regulations?
  2. Where do I find that data?
  3. What data do I need to communicate?
In this session, the speakers will look at a subset of regulations, including product change notifications, various registration requirements, and even safety data sheet requirements to communicate nanomaterial information for compliance in the European Union. The speakers will explore similarities in data requirements and discuss best practices for how to collect, organize, and communicate that information.

Contact Hours:
1 Contact Hour

Presentation Date:

Carrie Ann Decatur
Ruth Bonlon
Katie McGee