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Surprises, Gaps, and Near Misses for the Product Steward (PSX 2023 On Demand)


Effective product stewardship programs support risk management related to regulatory issues, supply chain reliability, stakeholder perception, and more. However, even the most sophisticated product stewardship programs cannot account for all unknowns in complex business environments, and no program managed by people is infallible. In this session, we will discuss real-world examples of product stewardship programs that have encountered surprises, gaps, and near misses. Our presentation will be guided by case studies collected from our professional networks that include non-compliance findings from regulatory actions, mergers and acquisitions, and internal audits. We will seek audience input at key points in the case study discussion, and audience members will be able to share similar incidents they may know about. Finally, we will distill the discussion into takeaways for product stewards to consider in their professional practice, including some dos and don'ts we have learned through experience.