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Update on China's 'One Company, One Product, One Code' Policy for Hazardous Chemicals (PSX 2023 On Demand)

Registration is required before hazardous chemicals meeting certain Globally Harmonized System classification criteria may be manufactured in or imported to China. To aid hazard communication, China has implemented a new hazardous chemical registration system that assigns unique quick response (QR) codes to registered products in a few cities. The system was officially launched on February 16, 2022. Additionally, the new regulation requires the QR codes to be displayed on the inner or outer packaging of all hazardous chemicals prior to domestic operation. Assigning QR codes to products may make manufacturer, operation, usage, storage, and transportation information and standards more accessible. In this presentation, we will briefly talk about how China classifies hazardous chemicals, explain how to register hazardous chemicals, discuss the ongoing QR code pilot projects, and outline the suggested labeling practices for QR code application.