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Update on the EU CSS Focusing on Key Sustainability Initiatives Affecting Products (PSX 2023 On Demand)

The European Union's Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) is being implemented through a number of regulatory changes. The environmental consulting firm Yordas Group has been monitoring discussions by the Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP (CARACAL) relating to the EU CSS for more than three years. This presentation will update participants on the status of EU regulations relevant to the CSS. Some of the key changes to the CSS include the 'safe and sustainable by design' (SSbD) framework, the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), and the Digital Product Passport (DPP). SSbD will likely influence future global regulations, as its principles correspond with the goals of many international agreements. We will review the principles of SSbD and discuss how adopting SSbD can help companies align themselves with global goals while reducing negative impacts on the environment. At the product level, the introduction of PEF and DPP in the EU will influence the disclosure of product information with the aim of increasing transparency and circularity across the value chain. Accordingly, we will also look at what introducing the PEF and DPP means for companies.