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Using QSAR Analyses for Aquatic Toxicity Estimates for Dangerous Goods (PSX 2023 On Demand)

Novel substances and substances still under research are being used in both consumer and industrial markets. Reducing hazards and improving cost efficiency and availability are just some of the reasons why new substances are manufactured. While there are plenty of benefits of novel substances, product stewards often encounter many challenges; the most common of which include physical or chemical hazard profiling and dangerous goods classification. This presentation will show participants how to use limited physical and chemical properties to predict ecotoxicological hazards and multiplying factors. This information can then be applied to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), as well as to dangerous goods classifications for shipping. Understanding this information can remove bottlenecks in the regulatory compliance process, which will ultimately streamline the process for participants' companies, decrease delays in new products, and increase profitability.