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Development of a Tool to Aid Product Stewards in Monitoring & Tracking Relevant Issues


Member Meet-Ups are exclusive 30-minute events for Product Stewardship Society members to connect and collaborate on the ideas, skills, and solutions product stewardship teams need to move forward. What to bring: current work challenges, ideas, and a collaborative problem-solving mindset!

For The Month of July:

The Thought Leadership Work Group was formed to aid the Product Stewardship Society in identifying and addressing emerging issues, promoting innovative solutions and best practices, and advancing the body of knowledge of the profession. The July Member Meet Up will review the actions taken by the Work Group to monitor and track emerging and existing issues. A monthly review scan is conducted by reviewing and tracking issues from the previous month. We seek feedback on the current process and input on areas of interest. We welcome all ideas on how to make this a useful tool.


  • Shannon Thomas

    Shannon is the Manager of Product Compliance and Stewardship at Trane Technologies. In this role, she manages global compliance of purchased parts and finished materials. Shannon served on the committee that developed the CPPS certification and is currently a member of the Product Stewardship Conference Program Committee and the Thought Leadership Work Group.

  • Adel Malek, PhD

    Adel Malek joined the Yordas group in 2022 as a Regulatory Consultant. At Yordas, Adel leverages his strong research background and liaises with technical experts to identify and provide insights on policy development around emerging substances of concern and their implications for industry. His primary focus areas in product stewardship include monitoring regulatory, research and media trends. His expertise includes assessing risks associated with products and ensuring that they meet relevant standards and regulations across the globe. Adel has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Dartmouth Medical School in the US and has over 15 years of executing projects and managing stakeholder relationships. Adel is currently a member of the Product Stewardship Society's Thought Leadership Work Group.

July 16, 2024
Tue 11:00 AM EDT

Duration 0H 30M

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