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On Demand Collection: How Product Stewardship Programs Add Business Value

Collection Description
This On Demand Collection is designed to describe various product stewardship programs and their management systems, how they are typically integrated into their business organizations, and ways they add business value to them. It also includes case studies from various organizations and their product stewardship journeys.

In this collection, you will learn from professionals from different backgrounds and perspectives on:

  1. Fundamentals of product stewardship programs including their structure, management systems, and tools to evaluate their effectiveness
  2. How various companies updated their product stewardship programs to integrate more fully with their businesses
  3. The critical role / information link that product stewards play within businesses
  4. How product stewards can add value within businesses and create positive impact
Part 1
  • Product Stewardship: A Valued Business Partner (45 min): ExxonMobil’s Vice President of Intermediates gives her perspective on the importance of product stewardship in her organization, the product stewardship areas critical to business success, and the important role that product stewards play with businesses.
  • Using Product Stewardship to Impact the Bottom Line (39 min): Haley & Aldrich provide examples that demonstrate the value of product stewardship beyond the traditional regulatory support by identifying and supporting product attributes, mitigating negative impact, and providing support beyond product compliance.

Part 2
  • Case Study 1: A Business Approach for an Effective Product Stewardship Structure (66 min): Waters Corp describes their company’s journey in development of an effective product stewardship organization, and specifically how they consider product stewardship a critical information link, encourage curiosity, and support their company’s growth through a company-wide view / engagement.
  • Case Study 2: Harnessing AI and Machine Learning to Future-Proof Chemical Management and Product Stewardship Programs (42 min): GE Appliances, Benchmark ESG and Praedicat, Inc. describe how they have partnered together to enhance GE’s chemical management program, including its materials approval workflow and chemical monitoring. An overview is also included of these newer tools and technologies that are becoming available to product stewards, including predictive analytics that use machine learning and AI to anticipate future risks..
  • Case Study 3: Challenges Integrating PS into a Medical Device Business (60 min): Abbott Corp describes how they integrated product stewardship into their products, parts, packaging RS evaluation process and the challenges and solutions they faced.

Contact Hours

Curated by Regina White, Product Stewardship Advisor, ExxonMobil (Retired)