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Product Demo Day 2024: TotalSDS

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Streamline SDS Authoring and Management for Compliance with TotalSDS

Keeping up with the constant changes and updates of global regulations for Safety Data Sheet authoring and management can be challenging and time-consuming. If finding a simplified, compliant, and affordable solution sounds like a welcome option, you won’t want to miss this session. We will demonstrate a cutting-edge authoring, translation and management software suite that enables users to take an SDS from the creation platform and push it to a digital binder that organizes and stores the safety information for employee access.

In addition to a real-time look into the software, the demo will include a review of the most popular features of the software:
  • Effortlessly create product copies using the copy feature, streamlining SDS authoring for products with similar ingredients.
  • Experience an intuitive and modern user interface within the software.
  • Utilize only high-quality CAS level data, extensively researched by our highly experienced regulatory team, and exclusively incorporating peer-reviewed data in the software.
  • Expedite translations and ensure SDS consistency through the inclusion of drop-down menus featuring common phrases. Significantly enhance large-scale updates by utilizing the product family feature to group and organize similar products.

The TotalSDS regulatory team has been heavily involved in the creation, development, and upkeep of the software to ensure the features reflect the true needs of authors and product stewards. The agility of our software development team, in coordination with the input of our regulatory team, has enabled the software to be designed and built to fulfill users’ needs. We have formed an Advisory Committee comprised of team members, customers and super users and have given a large space for customer feedback to create an ideal user experience to achieve a premier platform.

At TotalSDS, we are changing the industry standard and reducing SDS authoring time, ensuring compliant documents, and simplifying SDS creation and management. We look forward to sharing our TotalSDS Author and TotalSDS Manager platform with you!


March 13, 2024
Wed 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 0H 45M

This live web event has ended.

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