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On Demand Collection: Global Product Stewardship Management

Collection Description:
This On Demand Collection focuses on establishing a global product stewardship program, the elements of a global management program, and the challenges of a global product stewardship management system.

In this collection, you will learn from professionals of different backgrounds and perspectives on:

  1. Why corporations need a global product stewardship program
  2. How to evaluate a corporate position for strategic planning and assign responsibilities to product stewardship management
  3. How to incorporate an Anticipatory Issue Management System for a global product stewardship program
Further, this collection will walk through the recent regulatory changes in global polymer regulations by taking a closer look at the regulatory similarities and differences in the U.S. and Japan, and regulatory enforcement in emerging economies like Brazil’s regulations on controlled substances and recent EHS regulatory enforcement on global supply chain management in China.

Part 1
  • Understanding Challenges of Global Product Stewardship: Global Product Stewardship Survey: Corporate Objectives & Implementation Plans
  • Incorporating Anticipatory Issue Management for a Product Stewardship Program: Building an Anticipatory and Emerging Issues Management for Product Stewards Around the Globe
Part 2
  • Case Study 1: Changes in Global Polymer Regulations
  • Case Study 2: Regulations Impacts in the Clients' Business in Brazil (how to navigate through the local regulatory agencies and regulations)
  • Case Study 3: Avoiding Supply Chain Disruption: An Examination of China EHS Compliance to Downstream User Impact

Contact Hours

Curated by Elaine Ye, Senior Expert Services Manager, Enhesa