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Doing Business in the EU in the Next 5 Years

Course Description:
As the final significant EU REACH registration deadline looms on the horizon in 2018, it is an appropriate time to take stock of some of the important and emerging requirements for doing business in the European Union from a product stewardship perspective.
In this webinar we will explore:

  • Generalities when placing products on the Market in the EU
  • REACH Related Considerations
  • Obligations regarding Exposure Scenarios and Extended Safety Data Sheets
  • Formulators communication of safe use mixture information using the SUMI and LCID methodologies
  • Substance Volume Tracking & reporting requirements
  • The availability of ECHA Registered Substance Data
  • Poison Center notifications and implications
  • Country specific VS EU regulatory requirements
  • The implications of the ebb and flow of EU membership; Brexit, Turkey and others

Contact Hours:
1 Hour

Presentation Date:

Kimberly Bull, Regulatory Analyst, Sphera
Francis Trudeau, Solutions Manager, Sphera

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