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On Demand Collection: Sustainability & the Circular Economy

Collection Description:
This On Demand Collection has been curated to expand your knowledge of what sustainability and circular economy means to product stewardship and how these movements influence innovation and day-to-day business.

In this collection, you will learn from professionals from different backgrounds and perspectives on:

  1. Differentiate between linear economy and circular economy
  2. Impacts of green product designs
  3. PS activities and outputs can be used to enhance a company’s sustainability efforts
  4. Importance of incorporating ideas of circular economy into product development and management of change
  5. New regulatory drivers impact organizations’ sustainability strategies
Part 1:
  • Creating Shared Value Between Product Stewardship and Sustainability (1 hour) This session outlines the some “crossover” efforts between Sustainability and Product Stewardship. Activities such and developing product profiles, chemical risk assessments, and cooperative efforts on LCAs all lead to a strong working link between Sustainability and Product Stewardship.
  • Product Stewardship and the Circular Economy (0.5 hours) In this session, the three main circular economy concepts are discussed: Designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.
  • Preparing for the European Commission’s Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (1 hour) In October 2020, the European Commission published their EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), which outlines their expectations in moving towards a non-toxic environment. This action sets forth how chemicals will be regulated in the future. This presentation takes a high level look at the CSS and how organizations can adapt to new requirements.

Part 2:

  • Case Study 1: Product Stewardship & Sustainability: In Alignment or Conflict - Informed Decision Making & Insights (1 hour) This session reviews case studies that cover the intended and unintended impact of “greener product designs,” substitutions, and recycled content in food-contact packaging.
  • Case Study 2: The Circular Economy as a Driver for Product Stewardship Innovation (1 hour) Creating closed-loop materials cycles and resource efficiency are just a few ways HP is embracing the concept of Circular Economy and using it as a driver for innovation. HP discusses how they have implemented Circular Economy concepts.

Contact Hours:

Curated by Mary Ellen Snow, CPPS, Global Product Stewardship Manager, Ergon, Inc.